Picture Framing

Our workshop


At Fusion Picture Framing, we stock a choice of over 300 frame moulding and 100 shades of mountboard, which are cut and assembled in our well-equipped workshop to produce accurate, robust frames to a high standard of finish. There is therefore a huge range of moulding/mount combinations, but our experience will help you make your choice as easy as possible.

Frame Options

A small section of our frame display

We have a wide choice of over 300 frames to choose from on our display boards. These range from the simple black profiles, widely used for framing photo’s, to impressive museum frames. As well as a good range of black, silver and gold frames, we have a good range of solid wood mouldings including ash and oak profiles.

Mountboard Options

We use conservation mount board as standard for all our framing jobs. If you choose to have a mount for your frame, you will have several options to enhance your artwork. For most frames, we will use a single mount, but there are plenty of other options to choose from, which we can go through with you. A couple of examples are illustrated:

A multi aperture mount for photos

A double mount in Antique White mount board

Mount with gold mount slip

Single Mount with 45' bevel

Single Mount with 45′ bevel

Glass options

Example of different glass types

We offer a range of options for glazing your artwork:

  • Standard float Glass – A standard glass suitable for all general framing requirements. It comes in 2mm and 3mm thickness, 3mm used for larger frames.
  • Conservation Clear UV protection glass – Looks the same as standard float glass, but has a tough UV coating on one side which gives 97% plus protection from harmful UV light without changing the colour of the picture.
  • Anti Reflective (AR) Glass – made from special glasses with anti-reflective coatings (AR) on both surfaces. They are absolutely colour neutral and reduce reflections to less than 1%. This glass has no UV protection.
  • Anti Reflective Museum Glass – Has all the anti-reflective properties of AR glass but with 90% plus UV protection.

Framing equipment

We have a very well equipped workshop. Our frames are cut using our Morso F Guillotine, the market leader for cutting perfect mitred joints.

Morso F Guillotine makes perfect mitres every time

Speedmat mount cutter

We cut our mounts on our wall mounted Speedmat, that allows us to cut perfect windows, and makes double mounts, multi aperture mounts, or V grooves. For Oval and circular mounts, we have a Keencut Oval 6.

All our frames are joined using our pneumatic bench underpinner, which allows us to join even the hardest oak frames perfectly every time.